Age Verification Policy

At Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 UK, we are committed to promoting responsible vaping practices and ensuring that our products are only accessible to individuals of legal vaping age. As such, we enforce a stringent age verification policy to prevent the sale of vaping gear to minors.

1. Age Requirement

Customers must be of legal vaping age in their jurisdiction to purchase products from Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 UK. In the United Kingdom, the legal vaping age is 18 years old. By placing an order with us, customers affirm that they meet this age requirement.

2. Age Verification Process

During the checkout process, customers will be required to verify their age through our age verification system. This may involve providing personal information and/or submitting identification documents to confirm their age.

3. Third-Party Age Verification Services

We utilize third-party age verification services to authenticate the age and identity of our customers. These services may include database checks, age verification software, and manual verification processes.

4. Compliance with Regulations

Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 UK adheres to all applicable laws and regulations governing the sale of vaping products, including age verification requirements mandated by local authorities and regulatory bodies.

5. Zero Tolerance for Underage Purchases

We have a zero-tolerance policy for underage purchases. Any attempt by individuals under the legal vaping age to purchase products from Hayati Pro Ultra 15000 UK will be rejected. In cases where fraudulent or false information is provided during the age verification process, orders will be canceled, and appropriate actions may be taken.

6. Customer Responsibility

It is the responsibility of customers to ensure that they are of legal vaping age and comply with all age verification requirements. Customers are encouraged to keep their account information secure and refrain from sharing their login credentials with minors.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our age verification policy, please contact our customer support team for assistance or email us at [ ].